Grammar Quiz: Subjects and objects in English language


Grammar Quiz: Subjects and objects in English language

Now that you’ve had a look at the grammar rules and some examples, it’s time to try it for yourself. Have a look at the following sentences, and try to find the subject and the object. The answers are given below, so you can check it for yourself.

Quiz: find the subject

Q1: All the children in the class study maths.

a) study

b) maths

c) all the children in the class

Q2: They took the General Training IELTS test for migration purposes. 

a) General Training IELTS test

b) They

c) migration purposes

Q3: For lunch, Mike and Gemma ordered burgers and chips. 

a) For lunch

b) Mike and Gemma

c) burgers and chips

Q4: Gagan and Daniel received an award for players of the year. 

a) Gagan

b) Daniel

c) Gagan and Daniel

d) players of the year

Q5: Next year, I want to go to university in Sydney. 

a) Next year

b) I

c) university in Sydney

Quiz: find the object

Q6: Josh painted a flower for his school project. 

a) Josh

b) flower

c) school project

Q7: The cafe baked their own pies. 

a) The cafe

b) their

c) their own pies

Q8: Janet has to practise football every single day if she wants to become a professional. 

a) Janet

b) practice

c) football

d) professional

Q9: The kids built a castle with Lego. 

a) The kids

b) built

c) a castle

d) Lego

Q10: I will come over after I do the dishes and finish my homework. 

a) I

b) the dishes

c) my homework

d) the dishes + my homework


Answers to the Grammar Quiz: Subjects and objects in English language

  • Q1: c
  • Q2: b
  • Q3: b
  • Q4: c
  • Q5: b
  • Q6: b
  • Q7: c
  • Q8: c
  • Q9: c
  • Q10: d

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